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It is the dentistry branch that regulates the intertwined teeth and incompatible jaw relations with the help of a number of apparatuses. Orthodontic dentists are called orthodontists. Orthodontic treatment is applied during the period of milk teeth,  in which  problems arise from habits such as finger sucking, lip eating are eliminated. With orthodontics treatment, a permanent defect in the skeletal structure of the jaw is prevented. The mixed dentition period is also within the scope of orthodontics. In this period, both the milk teeth and permanent teeth are found in the mouth.In case of premature loss of milk teeth and inability to guide the continuous tooth from below, lack of space occurs. Orthodontics is involved in the elimination of these strictures.

At the same time, chin development continues in this period.The development incompatibility between the lower and upper jaw is included in the orthodontics. Orthodontics is indicated also for correction of disorders occurred in denture . The treatment of irregularities due to gingival diseases and the treatment of irregularities due to congenital or acquired missing or lost teeth are also included in the scope of orthodontics.

Orthodontic treatment is divided into fixed and removable treatment according to the way of treatment:

 Fixed Orthodontic Treatment:

Fixed orthodontic treatment is the orthodontic treatment in which the patient is not able to remove the fixed apparatuses. In the treatment of fixed orthodontics, a corrugated metal (now also known as porcelain brackets) is attached to and placed on the teeth. A wire passes through this channel. This wire is replaced every 4-6 weeks.

– Removable Orthodontic Treatment:

The removable orthodontic treatment  is  a treatment in which the patient can use the appratuıses that he can put on or take out. Removable orthodontic treatment is mostly applied in children aged 6-12 years. In some cases, both fixed and moving orthodontic treatments may be required.



All dental caries and gingival diseases should be treated before starting orthodontic treatment. Fixed or removable orthodontic treatment , regardless the method, attention should be paid to oral hygiene during the treatment of orthodontics. If the moving orthodontic apparatuses are used, the apparatus should be removed and the teeth brushed after meals.  same attention and care is required for orthodontic apparatuses in terms of hygiene.

The brackets used in fixed orthodontic treatment are very favorable for the accumulation of food residues. Therefore, by using orthodontic toothbrushes after meals, the food scraps between the brackets and the wires are carefully cleaned. If oral hygiene is not observed, occurrence of  bruises and gingival problems during orthodontic treatment becomes unavoidable.

The treatment of orthodontics is a long-standing treatment and necessitates monthly checks. Therefore, the person should be willing to treat orthodontics and should not disrupt their appointments. Orthodontist should be consulted  by all means without delay in the event that fracture, rupture or dislocation.

Stimulation treatment in orthodontic treatment is very important in the treatment of orthodontics. In order to maintain the position of the teeth, reinforcement treatment must be followed.