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We call TEETH WHITENING – BLEACHING the processes aiming to eliminate the coloration formation due to various reasons on teeth and teeth with a color darker than usual due to he structure of enamel and dentin.

Teeth whitening process can insure a whitening up to 9-10 tones (3m scale) in a harmless way. Materials used during teeth whitening is for professional use, and the whitening shall be absolutely prepared after dentist consultation using customized medicine. Teeth whitening applied without the control of the dentist can damage tooth structures.

Stains formed on teeth due to accumulated food residues, tea – coffee-smoking and brushing habits are first cleaned from the tartar and plaque then teeth are polished. After these procedures, the teeth are ready for whitening.

– Bleaching process is applied in 2 ways:

Home-type Bleaching: This is the method you will apply at home with your dentist’s guidance and instructions. A personalized whitening plate is prepared by the measurement taken from the patient’s mouth. at night time before going to bed, a water-based whitening medication is applied inside the plaque to be placed in the mouth for whole night to remove the remaining plaque in the mouth and whitens teeth. This process is applied for 7-10 days, according to the whitening amount of teeth and the expected result.

-Office-type Bleaching: It is the whitening process applied by the Dentist when it is desired to have a fast bleaching. The gums are isolated then the product is applied to the teeth and a blue light commonly used in chemical filling procedures, is applied to increase the effectiveness.
When the desired whiteness is achieved after repeated sessions, the procedure is completed. However, recent researches recommend the continuation of home bleaching method as a support to office-type bleaching.

–  What should be taken into consideration in the bleaching treatment?

• Bleaching is a procedure that must be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions of the dentist.

• Caries, cracks, fractures on teeth may be affected by the chemical products and cause damage. Such dental problems must be eliminated before the whitening

• Coloring foods such as tea – coffee – cigarettes should be avoided during the bleaching process, regular brushing and maintenance should be done carefully.