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Mavişehir-Çiğli Kipa Kavşağı -İzmir

Carry out Health Service supply without compromising ethics principles; and by giving priority to patient/relative safety, expectations and satisfaction:

  • Reducing all kinds of risks and improving continuously occupational health and safety in accordance with provisions and legislation requirements;
  • Taking all necessary measures in order to prevent all kinds of environmental pollution caused by pollution that may occur during service supply, and its possible negative effects on living beings;
  •  Reducing waste and / or an appropriate on-site segregation, minimizing the damages that may cause the existing wastes to the environment,
  • Minimizing the negative impacts on environmental health by improving existing diagnostic and treatment units
  • Insuring an operating process of our hospital in terms of health services providing in accordance with all legal requirements and regulations;
  • Supporting the sustainability of development through providing continuous training opportunities to employees,
  • Insuring the continuous improvement in all processes.