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Quality activities are carried out  by Quality Management Unit with the support of the management and quality management executives ,in line with Ministry of Health Quality Standards-ADSM set .

According to the Quality Standards in Health, quality managers are assigned for each department. These sections are as follows;

1.Corporate Services

  • Corporate Structure
  • Quality management
  • Document Management
  • Risk management
  • Unsolicited Event Notification System
  • Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Training Management
  • Social responsibility

2.Patient and Employee Focused Services

  • Patient Experience
  • Access to the Service
  • Healthy Work Life

3.Health Services

  • Patient care
  • Drug Management
  • Prevention of Infections
  • Sterilization Services
  • Radiation Safety
  • Operating Theater

4.Support Services

  • Facility Management
  • Accommodation Services
  • Information Management System
  • Material and Device Management
  • Medical Records and Archive Services
  • Waste Management
  • Outsourcing

5. Indicators Monitoring 

  • Monitoring Indicators 
  • Quality Indicators 


Our Committee

The following committees set a meeting periodically during the year with the participation of quality department executives:

  1. Employee Safety Committee
  2. Education Committee
  3. Infection Control Committee
  4. Patient Safety Committee
  5. Patient Rights and Advice Committee
  6. Facility Safety Committee
  7. Employee satisfaction individual recommendation board
  8. Antibiotic and drug safety committee

Security Reporting System


Güvenlik Raporlama Sistemi

In our institution;

  • The Security Reporting System was established to ensure  that any undesirable event that occurs at the last minute (or about to  occur)  and threatens the safety of patients and employees is notified,
  • That the events are monitored 
  • Upon notification,  the necessary measures are taken prevent the recurrence of these events.

Indicator Management

A Management System has been established in order to contribute to the continuous improvement of quality by establishing benchmarking and cooperation opportunities through developing measurement systematics and its culture in our institution following the common indicators used at the international scale.

In this context, all indicators including Clinical Based indicators and Section Based indicators determined by the Ministry of Health are of use.

Physical Field Inspections
In our institution, building tours are regularly made inside premises in order to set a hospital with physical conditions and technical infrastructure, safe and easily accessible for patients, patients’ relatives and employees .
The team formed by the senior management is defined in such a way as to ensure the effectiveness, sustainability and systematicity of the works carried out by considering the size of the institution and the diversity of the services.
In the building tours, problems related to the physical condition and operating inside the established are identified and necessary improvements are made.

Self-Assessment Process

A self-assessment (internal audit) is conducted once a year in our hospital within the scope of Health Quality Standards (SKS).

The self-assessment plan is prepared to cover all the sections within the Quality Standards of Health. All departments are informed about the audit schedule and plan through internal correspondence prior to self-assessment (internal audit).
* While preparing the above mentioned text, we used the Health Quality Standards-ADSM set prepared by the Health Quality and Accreditation Department.