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Teeth Whitening-Bleaching is the procedure performed to remove the darker teeth and discoloration due to various reasons due to the enamel and dentin structure.

With the tooth whitening process, bleaching up to 9-10 tons (3m scale) can be provided harmlessly. The materials used during tooth whitening are for professional use and are necessarily made with personally prepared drugs after the dentist examination. Agents sold in cosmetic markets that are not made under the control of a dentist are very ineffective and can damage dental structures.

Food residues accumulated on the teeth, stains occurring due to tea - coffee - smoking and brushing habits are cleaned with tartar and plaque cleaning in the office and the polishing process to be done afterwards. After these procedures, the teeth are ready for tooth whitening.


Bleaching is done in 2 ways:

Home Bleaching: It is a method that you will apply yourself at home with the direction and instructions of your dentist. A personalized bleaching plaque is prepared with the measurement taken from the patient's mouth. When you go to bed at night, water-based whitening drug is put into this plaque and teeth whitening is achieved with plaque and medicine that stays in the mouth overnight. This process is applied for 7-10 days depending on the amount of whitening of the teeth and the desired result.

Office Bleaching (Applied in the Clinic): It is the whitening process applied by the dentist in cases where fast bleaching is desired. The gums are isolated, a drug is applied on the teeth, and the blue light used in radial fillings is applied on them to increase the effectiveness of the drug. The procedure is terminated when the desired whiteness is obtained after repeated sessions. However, recent research suggests that the home-type teeth whitening method should be continued as a support after office-type teeth whitening.


What should be considered in Bleaching Treatment?

  • Bleaching is a procedure that must be done under the control of the dentist, strictly following the instructions.
  • Caries, cracks, broken areas in the teeth may cause the chemical substance used to affect and damage these areas. Such dental problems must be eliminated before the bleaching process.
  • During the bleaching process, coloring foods such as tea - coffee - cigarettes should be avoided, regular brushing and maintenance procedures should be applied carefully.

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